About Kabee Care

Kabees’ Enterprise, LLC was established in Redford, Michigan in 2018 with the purpose of enhancing urban educational curriculum consisting of life, social, and socio cultural skills for our current and upcoming generation. It’s inhumane to release our children into the global arena and society without the ability to read nor the understanding of basic life skills.


The goal of Kabee’s Enterprise is to assist in the education of our current and future generation to tap into their highest potential. By providing FREE tutoring by highly paid Educators fresh out of College along with retired educators to keep a balance of Christian ethics. The tutoring program will begin from pre-school through the twelve grade if necessary. The plan for funding this program will be through industrial, medical, and home health aides by providing partnerships with industrial medical manufacturers and selling at low cost, to health care providers.

Incentives will be awarded to both parent and child for attendance and participation. Awards will vary depending on family needs to monetary gifts and fully paid family vacations. These awards will also be extended to staff and their families as well, based on performance.

Our program will also provide funding to other urban organizations to assist in creating jobs and reducing crime.

NO child, man or woman denied!    NO child, man or woman left behind!